Review of Systems

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  Weight Loss Yes No Fatigue Yes No
  Fever Yes No    


  Ringing in Ears Yes No Vertigo/Dizziness Yes No
  Hearing Loss Yes No Ear Pain Yes No
  Itching In Ear Yes No Roaring Sound Yes No
  Ear Discharge Yes No Ear Fullness Yes No
  Pressure Sensation Yes No    


  Nasal Obstruction Yes No Nasal Pain Yes No
  Decreased Sense of Smell Yes No Nose Bleeding Yes No
  Nasal Discharge Yes No Postnasal Drip Yes No
  Nasal Congestion Yes No Snoring Yes No

Throat, Mouth & Sinus

  Sore Throat Yes No Swollen Glands Yes No
  Difficulty Swallowing Yes No Change In Voice Yes No
  Hoarseness Yes No Lump In Throat Sensation Yes No
  Neck Tenderness Yes No Mouth Pain Yes No
  Frequently Throat Clearing Yes No Dentures Yes No
  Sinus Pain Yes No Headaches Yes No

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