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Hearing Aids

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Will hearing aids work for me?

With today’s technology almost any hearing loss can be matched with a compatible hearing aid. Our 30 day trial period enables you to try the hearing aids in your own environment to notice the benefits they will bring to your life. Call for a free hearing aid demonstration today to see what hearing aids look like, feel like, sound like, and which are the best kind for you!

Are some hearing aids better than others?

There are many good hearing aids on the market today. Brevard ENT audiology department specializes in many of the top brands. The best hearing aids are those that most suit your hearing loss and individual needs. Most patients are concerned with the cost of hearing aids, how they look, and how they sound. Your audiologist will work with you to determine what is the BEST hearing aid for YOU!

Are hearing aids expensive?

Hearing aids typically range in price from around $1,400 to $3,000 per ear depending on what level of technology you deem appropriate for your lifestyle. This price includes all of the professional services associated with hearing aids such as fitting, adjustment, and providing maintenance. The price also includes a warranty for loss and damage.

To determine which hearing aid will give you the greatest benefit for your needs it is important to consult with an audiologist.

Below is a list of the general styles associated with hearing aids:

Receiver- In-The- Ear: Open fit Receiver- In-The- Ear’s are small hearing aids that have a nearly invisible wire leading to a speaker in the ear canal. They are cosmetically appealing while offering great comfort. Most hearing aids fit today are of this type of hearing aid style.

Behind- The- Ear (BTE): This style of hearing aid typically has more power than any of the custom or in-the- ear hearing aids. BTE’s sit on the back of your ear and typically connect to a custom earpiece. They also can be fitted with an invisible slim tube depending on a person’s hearing loss.

In- The- Ear (ITE): These hearing aids are more visible as they fill your entire ear. They are the easiest to manipulate. If you are a person who has loss of feeling in your fingers than this may be the best style of hearing aid for you.

In- The- Canal (ITC): This style is smaller and less visible than an ITE.

Completely- In- The- Canal (CIC): This is one of the more “invisible” hearing aid styles. It is considered to be the smallest style of hearing aid on the market.

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